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Cedar Deck/Pergola Toronto.

Cedar Deck/Pergola Toronto.

Only The Best 

Mississauga Decks & trim proudly uses the best quality materials available to get the job done. 

  • Pressure treated, cedar & exotics

  • Novawood

  • Wolf

  • PVC

  • Trex

  • Timber Tech

  • Fiberon

Heat treated Novawood deck.

Heat treated Novawood deck.

Our deck turned out far better than we could have imagined! He went above and beyond, was super with his attention to detail. He is honest, trustworthy, on time, on budget, and has a great personality to boot! I would recommend him to everyone I know!
— Katie, Mississauga


 we take extra measures to ensure a solid assembly that will stand the test of time

  • Our posts are set in concrete to a minimum of 48 inches in depth.

  • each cut of wood we use is pressure treated and treated with wood preservative

  •  We pilot hole the framing before screwing to prevent the FRAMING from splitting 

  • fences are assembled with 3&1/2" screws to prevent the wood from twisting and warping out of shape

  • fence  boards are fastened with spiral hot dip galvanized coated nails which will provide a superior hold and will ensure there will be no rust 

  • Cedar fences and other hardwood materials are all fastened using corrosion resistant decking screws and/or #304 stainless steel screws and fasteners 

Our Warranty

Mississauga Decks & Trim is a proven, reliable custom deck builder serving the GTA. We're confident with our workmanship and guarantee each deck we build will stand the test of time. All decks/fences built by Mississauga Decks & Trim comes with a five year warranty on workmanship. The Composite and Vinyl decks we use carry an additional manufacturer warranty ranging from twenty-five years to a lifetime warranty respectively. 

Fiberon Deck with Dalmar Aluminum glass railings.

Fiberon Deck with Dalmar Aluminum glass railings.

All our projects are guaranteed against: 

  • Structural Failure of any of the deck components subjected to normal load conditions as stated in the Ontario Building Code.

  • Deck footing settlement by more than 1 inch under normal load conditions

  • Rot or Decay of any of the deck components

  • Significant deformation of any of the deck components due to improper fastening

  • Sagging of gates or doors

This does not include, cupping, checking warping, normal wear and tear, natural disasters or acts of god. 



  • all our decks are CONSTRUCTED using select grade pressure treated framing/decking wood. 

  • we use 6x6 structural posts even when 4x4's will meet  building code 

  • beams are double or triple 2x10's or 2x12's even when 2x8's will meet code

  • all footings exceed or meet local codes. This overbuilding ensures a more solid deck with zero bounce

  • we aim to avoid any butt joints in our decks by installing divider boards at halfway points and recommend a picture frame border for a more complete look. 

  • We know how much your home matters to you, we set our standards high so you can have a deck to build memories on 

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed